Гидрометеорология и экология
(Gidrometeorologiya i ekologiya)
Ученые записки Российского государственного гидрометеорологического университета
ISSN 2074-2762

About the Journal

Scientific and theoretical Russian Journal of Hydrometeorology and ecology (Gidrometeorologiya i ekologiya). The Journal has been published since 2003.

Publication frequency is 4 issues per year.

ISSN print 2074-2762

The founder of the Journal is the Russian State Hydrometeorological University (RSHU), 79 Voronezhskaya str., St. Petersburg 192007, Russia.

Place of publishing – 79 Voronezhskaya str., St. Petersburg.

The language of the publication is Russian.

During 2003-2020 the Journal was published under the title “Proceedings of the Russian State Hydrometeorological University”. Since its renaming the Journal numbering has been preserved, the first issue of the “Hydrometeorology and Ecology” Journal being No 58.

The goals and objectives of the journal are comprehensive coverage of the latest scientific achievements in the field of studying and forecasting the state of the environment. The Journal is focused on the results of scientific developments of leading Russian and foreign experts. Articles are grouped by main academic fields: geophysics, hydrology, oceanology, meteorology, geoecology, geoinformatics.

Editorial policy focuses on: climate change on a regional and global scale; monitoring, modeling and forecasting of physical processes in the atmosphere, land waters, marine environment; the impact of anthropogenic activities on various processes in the biosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere of the earth; economic and environmental aspects of environmental management.

The Journal is intended for scientists, a broad category of researchers in various areas of the natural environment, environmental economists, specialists in the field of geographic information systems and technologies, as well as post- and undergraduate students pursuing these sciences.

In accordance with international legislation on the protection of intellectual property, each publication of the Journal contains a copyright protection mark, consisting of three elements: the letter “C” enclosed in a circle, the name of the owner of exclusive copyright, the date of first publication. The Journal’s background, including publication indicators, is given in the article “Publication indicators of the “Proceedings of the RSHU” Journal.