Гидрометеорология и экология
(Gidrometeorologiya i ekologiya)
Ученые записки Российского государственного гидрометеорологического университета
ISSN 2074-2762


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The Russian Science Citation Index is a bibliographic and abstract index, implemented in the form of a database, accumulating information on publications of Russian scientists in Russian and foreign scientific journals. The RSCI project has been developed since 2005 by the Scientific Electronic Library company (elibrary.ru). On the elibrary platform, more than 3,000 Russian journals were posted in 2018.

Five-year RSCI impact factor is 0.273

The impact factor is calculated as the number of current year citations of articles published in a journal over the previous five years, divided by the number of these articles (including self-citation).

Crossref citation database is a community of publishers of academic publications (journals, monographs, conference proceedings, etc.), founded in 1999 and aimed at developing and supporting a worldwide high-tech scientific communications infrastructure. Each article is assigned a unique DOI (Digital Object Identifier), which allows finding the article on the Internet anywhere in the world.

The Russian Journal of Hydrometeorology and Ecology is included in the HAC List of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications, which are to publish the main results of theses for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences.