Гидрометеорология и экология
(Gidrometeorologiya i ekologiya)
Ученые записки Российского государственного гидрометеорологического университета
ISSN 2074-2762

Financial relations

1. Publication of the “Proceedings of RSHU” Journal is funded by the Founders.

2. Authors submit their materials for publication in the Journal on a non-repayable basis.

3. Publication of materials in the Journal is free for authors.

4. Printing of color figures is free for authors. The need for color illustrations in the article should be justified.

5. Author(s) are sent a free electronic version of the article and the issue itself in pdf format after the publication.

6. Reviewing in the Journal is carried out on a voluntary basis and is not paid to reviewers.

7. All published scientific articles and short reports are publicly available on the website of the Journal https://notes.rshu.ru and the electronic library “elibrary” https://elibrary.ru/contents.asp?titleid=26637