Гидрометеорология и экология
(Gidrometeorologiya i ekologiya)
Ученые записки Российского государственного гидрометеорологического университета
ISSN 2074-2762

Rules for author’s response to a review

Responses to reviewers (separately for each review), which should be given in the textual order, and a revised version of the article are to be sent to the editorial board, the comments of the reviewer.

The author should start with citing the first comment, giving a response to it below and highlighting it in any colour. There are three possible responses:

– agree completely;

– agree in general, but … .;

– disagree generally with the comment.

After that, the changes that are made in the article specifying the page number and line number (top, bottom) are given. If the author disagrees with the opinion of the reviewer, he should give a detailed reasoned response. Every comment of the reviewer should have a response.

In the revised version of the article, all changes made should also be highlighted, so that the editorial board and reviewer could find corrections easier. Stylistic and editorial comments may be corrected directly in the text, but also highlighted in colour.

Response time should not exceed one month. If the article is not re-submitted to the editorial board of the Journal in a month, it will be considered withdrawn. In case of non-compliance with the above rules, the article is either sent back to the author for revision, or the editorial board has the right to reject its publication.